Topics in Chemometrics

Topics in Chemometrics TIC is a Gordon-type conference with emphasis on subject oriented presentations and discussions. Each session will be introduced by leading researchers, followed by presentations of variable length on the subject of the session. There will be time for in-depth exploration of the field, always with emphasis on practical application as well as attempts to explore the future. 

The number of participants is about 50, enabling and inviting interactions between everybody on all subjects. 

The list of topics (presently) can be found in the Topics page.

Szeged is a smallish city 160 km south of Budapest, big enough to have a university, small enough to be comfortable. The residential conference will be held in the thematic Science Hotel, where the accommodation will be as well. Szeged can be reached by train from Budapest airport. Check the Venue Page for more information about travel.


Previous TICs:

TIC2017 18-21 April - Newcastle, Australia


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